For the benefit of our clients, in addition to our standard services we offer a range of high level technical solutions, combining individual technologies into integrated workflows:

  • · regional assessment of basins, including data mining, digitalization, compilation of regional overviews in ArcGIS to support basin modeling
  • · the full cycle of well and seismic data interpretation, geological modeling, dynamic modeling, history matching and well location planning
  • · in-depth analysis of elastic rock properties of complex lithologies (incl. arkose, polimictic and volcanic rocks) for simultaneous inversion of
      seismic data and probabilistic litho-fluid prediction using depth dependent rock property trends
  • · fault seal analysis from well and seismic data, integrating the results of lithology prediction from seismic inversion into a 3D model for
      Juxtaposition and SGR assessment
  • · fracture delineation using tectonic framework, well log data, special seismic attributes and paleostress analysis

  • For each problem we tailor an optimized solution. For more details or proposals please contact