Independent Competent Person's Report & valuation

Scope of a Competent Person's Report (CPR)

It is the nominated adviser’s responsibility to ensure that the scope of the CPR is appropriate, given the applicant’s assets and liabilities. In addition and as a minimum, the CPR should be prepared no more than 6 months prior to the date of the admission document, be addressed to the applicant and the nominated adviser and should:

Include a summary table of assets set out
Set out what Standard has been used in preparing the CPR
Include the disclosures set out
Include an up to date no material change statement
Include the relevant tables set out
Report on any existing reserves and resources statements, stating clearly what work was undertaken or include a derivation of any reserve or resource estimates. (AMI)

Geography of our oil and gas projects

Certification of Resources and Reserves per PRMS, SEC, UNFC and CIS

Services to support investment decision making

Reserves and valuation reports for project and bank finance to support investment decision making, including:

  • Technical field evaluation and independent reserves auditing and reporting for reserve booking to SEC, SPE, UNRMS and CIS standards.
  • Audit of Capex and Opex assumptions, including:

1) Review of consistency between technical and economic assumptions to minimise execution risk.

2) Red flag / risk assessment and available mitigating actions.

  • Assessment of economics under local tax & legal regimes.
  • Strategic transaction advice:

1) Deal assessment and negotiation strategy

2) Assessment of RoI on planned investments

3) Suggestions for opportunities to further increase deal value.

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Approach to asset evaluation and reserve certification

We carry out data room evaluations (both virtual and physical), looking at all aspects of the opportunity or just the technical or commercial, and can deliver:

  • Asset acquisition, farm-in evaluation, providing support and advice from the sub surface evaluation to advise of bid strategy
  • Exploration license round evaluations and bid advice
  • Exploration & appraisal technical and commercial evaluations
  • New ventures analysis and entry strategies
  • Integrated Field Studies
  • Field development plans
  • Quantify the risks of an opportunity
  • Pre-opportunity research, can bring opportunities and investors to client
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