Economics and Risk calculations

Our services in the field of Project Economics and Risks

Inventory calculation and risk assessment

Resources are calculated in accordance with the Hydrocarbon Resources and Reserves Management System (SPE-PRMS 2007) or the current Russian standard (Classification of reserves and resources of oil and combustible gases, approved by Order of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia dated November 1, 2013 No. 477). We also have the right to draw up a report from a competent person.
Klarenco typically offers two existing options for reserve calculation and resource estimation: deterministic (a high degree of confidence that the estimated volumes will be produced) and probabilistic (resulting in options P90, P50 and P10).
To assess the risks of a promising object, we use an approach we have developed, which adapts to the client’s requirements and takes into account the level of complexity of the geological structure and the factor of quality and quantity of data. This method determines the risk of an oil and gas bearing/oil and gas promising system and the risk of a local promising structure. The assessment results are compiled into “traffic light” maps of the overall risk for the structure, reservoir, seal and generation site, taking into account direct signs of hydrocarbons (if any).

Assessment of capital and operating costs / “Field life cycle” / Assessment of project efficiency

Based on years of experience, we estimate expected capital and operating costs at each stage of the exploration process. We can also provide a summary table of the "life cycle of the field", including the forecast production profile, the sequence of drilling of the field, and estimates of the cost of drilling, facilities and logistics, administration and closure costs. This will help our clients in determining such parameters as net present value, internal rate of return and payment amount in various contract terms (PSA, JV, license).
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