Our services in the field of Project Development

Development and Technology of Oil and Gas Production

To value assets, we analyze available well testing and production data in close connection with the geological model. This applies to information about initial production rates, clay-acid treatment, hydraulic fracturing or other production stimulation methods. Based on production history, operating mode, drainage radius, hydrodynamic connectivity, well performance and pressure drop over time, we analyze the cumulative production, oil recovery factor, etc. to determine recoverable reserves for various development scenarios. If necessary, a full-scale dynamic model is created.

Field development projects

Based on reserve assessment, in collaboration with internationally experienced design and maintenance engineers, we also provide the final mine development plan. It includes the number and sequence of wells that will be drilled to produce the predicted volume of hydrocarbons, special production technologies, the type and cost of the necessary installations and structures (both onshore and offshore), separation systems for gas and liquids, installations appropriate.
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