Below are the comprehensive workflows we use to complete tasks

Petrophysical interpretation

  1. Database, well logging, quality control
  2. Preliminary logging preparation
  3. Statistics
  4. Cross-plot analysis
  5. Comparison with core data
  6. Volumetric model
  7. Facies classification (neural networks)
  8. Stratigraphic correlation
  9. Summary tablet

Seismic interpretation

  1. Sequence stratigraphy based on wells and regional geology
  2. Borehole-seismic reference
  3. Interpretation of reference horizons
  4. Interpretation of discontinuities
  5. Detailed interpretation of horizons
  6. Attribute Analysis
  7. 3D visualization of specific elements
  8. Time-depth conversion
  9. Mapping in depth and time

AVO analysis

  1. Preliminary data preparation
  2. Trends in elastic properties by wells
  3. Stochastic model of elastic properties
  4. Fluid displacement modeling
  5. Calculation of AVO attributes
  6. Cross-plot of AVO attributes
  7. Monitoring dynamic anomalies on seismograms
  8. Anomaly Mapping
  9. Volumetric analysis of dynamic anomalies and structural factor

Evaluation of sealing properties

  1. Detailed interpretation of seismic data
  2. History of tectonic development
  3. Identifying Chimneys
  4. Well data interpretation and normalization
  5. Synchronous inversion, probabilistic lithology cubes
  6. 3D geological model based on well and seismic data
  7. SGR/Juxtaposition Attribute Analysis
  8. Analysis of additional information
  9. Integration of results

Static geological modeling

  1. Well correlation
  2. Horizons from seismic interpretation
  3. Faults from seismic interpretation
  4. Convert time to depth
  5. Structural frame
  6. Grid Mesh Geometry
  7. Properties from wells and seismic data
  8. Filling with data
  9. Inventory counting

Dynamic Simulation

  1. Geological model
  2. Upscaling/Model building
  3. Setting up the model based on development data (model fitting)
  4. Well design
  5. Hydrodynamic modeling
  6. Production dynamics
  7. Scenario Simulation
  8. Model refinement
  9. Field development project
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